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Apes and Apps is a subsidiary of Hanker Solutions Pvt. Ltd, and focused to provide cutting edge mobile solutions to the small and medium businesses.

To create a platform that foster customer friendliness, utmost transparency and record on-time delivery thereby building a long term relationship. We are a young Information technology services and product Development Company structured to optimize the most appropriate blend state of the art technology and low cost. Technical Leadership provided by renowned System Integration & Design professional.

We aim to provide the best of the class mobile technology and design at a very reasonable cost which will help the small businesses use promote and maximize revenue from their businesses.

Our Experties

    GPS Enabled Apps

Among the several rich features available in smartphones today, one of the key features is GPS enabled Geo-Location. what is Geo-Location you may ask? Geo-location simply put is the identification of the real-world geographic location of an internet-connected device. In other words, with your smartphone you can locate your current latitude and longitude through internet anywhere in the world. This feature of a smartphone opens up a wide range of possibilities for 3rd party apps. Social networking, weather, travel, navigation are just a few example of the hundreds of practical applications of GPS based device. At Hanker Solutions we have an in-depth understanding and expertise of using this extremely valuable feature in your app and make it more efficient and productive. We can, not only determine the location of the user but also plot it on maps, share it with friends, get directions, and many more such uses.

    Social Networking Apps

Social Networking and Smartphones are increasingly becoming tightly coupled and most new phones are now pre-packaged with social networking integration. With multi-touch screen, GPS functionality and feature rich app development kit, smartphones are ideal devices for Social Networking Apps. In fact the social networking category is one of the most popular and downloaded categories of the App Stores. We at Quartus Technology have developed several social networking apps and given the popularity of this category foresee many more apps to come. In fact we have a dedicated team in place working on just social networking development and we are creating proprietary libraries that will make social networking integration a simple plug and play and it will work across platforms. This will allow us to deliver a reliable and robust app for our client with minimal custom development.

   Mobile Websites

Although, not as popular as native applications, mobile websites are a good way to extend your already existing presence on web, to a mobile platform. With the advent of smartphones, browsing the internet on a mobile phone has become a commonplace. At Hanker Solutions we understand that and will help you in creating a distinct position for you and your company in the already crowded mobile web space. Unlike the older mobile websites (or .mobi sites as they are commonly referred to), mobile sites today can be custom designed and made to suit the elegant high resolution large display screens available on most smartphones. We employ some of finest creative designers who understand this and will design your .mobi sites in the most optimal and sophisticated format.

    Enterprise Apps

Demand is soaring for enterprise apps. Smartphones have become powerful business tools. Enterprise apps are apps used in organizations such as corporations or government as opposed to Apps developed for individuals. The distribution of these apps is not done through the conventional Appstore/Marketplace and its usage is limited to only authorized users of the organization. Services provided by enterprise Apps are typically business-oriented tools such as online payment processing, interactive product catalogue, automated billing systems, security, content management, IT service management, customer relationship management, resource planning, business intelligence, HR management, manufacturing, application integration, and forms automation.

Hanker Solutions has extensive experience in creating enterprise apps. We have successfully designed several Enterprise Level Apps that integrate with the company’s back end database server and provide the same level of security and compliance offered by the desktop and web applications used within the organizations intranet.

Not only can we retrieve and nicely display the data, but we also can allow users to post data or update new data, with minimal to no impact on the backend systems. We write the apps to have the same functionality as desktop pc based applications, with a custom user interface (UI) designed for the mobile device or iPad, that makes the app easy for the employee to use without the frustrations that one might expect when accessing a desktop application on a mobile device.

Enterprise apps are revolutionizing the workforce and streamlining business processes. Hanker Solutions is the one stop shop for Enterprise apps. We have exprtise on both the front end and backend web services to ensure smoothless transition from desktop to mob ile solution.

   M-commerce Apps

M-Commerce is E-commerce on the mobile platform. With mobile phones eclipsing PC sales with a wide margin, it is essential to today’s on-line retailer to have the ability to transact business via mobile handsets. Not having a retail presence in this space will give you a serious disadvantage to your savvy competitors.

Hanker Solutions has the complete capability of setting up your M-Commerce application, with outstanding look and feel, and ease of use, regardless of how big your database is , or how many items you have for sale. We’ll display the items for sale, photos, price, description. You can have complete creative freedom on how to display your data. With our team of developers specializing in server side and Database programming, we even handle back-end integration with your present infrastructure and utilize your existing payment gateway

    Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality for Mobile Apps is a cutting edge technology that utilizes the smart phone’s camera, and translates the captured image into 3D digital format. Augmented Reality as the name suggests allows the App to detect the real life object in the camera’s view and automatically provides additional information for that object.

Augmented Reality can also be used to detect 3D objects in Real Life and distinguish between similar looking objects via OCR and Barcode Scanning technology. With the advent of high quality cameras in smartphones today, Augmented Reality is getting more and more popular and a lot of different categories of Apps can benefit from it. Hanker Solutions is one of the few Mobile App Development firms that is embracing this cutting edge technology.

   Messaging Apps

One of the most fundamental features of any phone (smartphone or not) is messaging. With the advent of smartphones messaging became more prevalent and the simple text messaging has now been extended to high end multimedia messaging. Today most smartphones support all formats of messaging ranging from text, images, audios and videos. While almost all smartphones do provide messaging as a built in feature, the carrier charges to send and receive messages are very high.

    Native Apps

we provide an end to end solution on smartphone application development. Custom native applications today hold one of the largest shares in the App store. Custom Native applications by definition are applications that are natively designed and developed specifically on the respective Mobile OS platform. All the data and computations required for the app is available natively and no server communication is required. Smartphones being mobile devices, exchange of data is relied on the bandwidth provided by the corresponding carrier. Most present day, carrier networks provide a limited bandwidth and the transfer rate can be categorizedas slow to mediocre. Thus, one of the key advantages of developing custom native apps is releasing it from the dependency on the often unreliable connectivity. Most applications developed under this group include gaming apps, utility apps, e-books apps, reference apps, etc

   Camera Enabled Apps

Just as messaging is a fundamental feature of any phone, cameras today are almost a necessity with smartphones. Having a camera makes smartphones true multimedia devices, enabling you to capture pictures and videos. With the camera resolution on smartphones approaching 10 megapixels, having a camera enabled app gives you a wide array of multimedia rich features. With camera enabled apps, you can store images/videos locally or remotely, share it with your friends, time and date stamp it, geo-tag it, etc. We at Hanker Solutions encourage our customers to use the camera functionality in their apps wherever applicable and have produced some wonderful Camera enabled apps ranging from high-end image manipulation and photography apps to integrating the camera functionality into your existing app to enhance its multimedia capabilities.